Sixpoint Mad Scientist Brunswick Mumme

Brown Porter 5.6 ABV 32 IBU

This style, originating in Germany, is basically a spiced, high alcohol beer, or a German version of a Gruit. One differentiating characteristic is a high alcohol beer achieved through the use of a long boil. Historically, and beverage was wild fermented, and barrel aged. We opted to kedp our offering non-wild fermented. Our Mumme was boiled for 4 hours. German Alt yeast fermented the beverage, being an old German native ale yeast strain. We spiced the beer with juniper & cardamom. These are only two of a long list of spices that historically were found in this style of beer. We also used an aroma addition of Simcoe Hops to simulate an addition of fresh spruce tips.

Hops Warrior, Mt Hood, Simcoe
Grains Pilsen, Flaked Oats, Romano/Cranberry Beans
Yeast WLP036 Dusseldorf Alt Ale Yeast
Other Ingredients Juniper, Cardamom
Recipe Info Beans in the mash - 4 hour boil! Spiced at flameout.

Tasting Notes AROMA: Herbal, malty, pine notes APPERANCE: Bright Orange/Red like a Märzen with a white head of foam. FLAVOR: Cardamom and Juniper dominate the taste, laid over the top of strong amber ale. Some alt yeast profile notes are present. MOUTHFEEL: The beer is a little more viscous than your typical all-malt offering due to the addition of the cranberry beans.