Welcome to the Light Side: Behind Ninkasi's New Can Series

Since 2006, Ninkasi Brewing Company has been renowned for its larger than life beers like Total Domination IPA, Dawn of the Red and Tricerahops. However, their recent can series is now launching lighter, yet full-flavored beers into the New York City market.
The series consists of three beers which are all available in both can and draft: Yours Truly, Prismatic IPA and Pacific Rain. We sat down with Jamie Floyd, co-founder of Ninkasi Brewing Company to speak about the new beers.  
Here are some questions that YOU asked on our instagram:
If you had to choose, what hop variety would you call your favorite?
Well, it’s funny. I’ve been in the industry for 26-27 years now. I might be most famous for using Amarillo hops. I was one of the first people to purchase them as a variety and we’ve been using them strong ever since. But, thinking about it now, I might have to say Mosaics. There’s something magical about the way those hops smell when they’re fresh in your hands and when they come across in the aroma of the beer. They’re fragile hops, so you have to treat them very gently to get the best emphasis out of them. But when they’re used correctly and especially with other friends, that’s what I refer to other hops that I use them with - they all need friends to play with, Mosaics really bring out the best of everybody. So, I’d have to say Mosaic. 
Would you consider using the 16oz tall boy format of cans for Ninkasi?
We bought a canning machine that will allow us to do different formats and styles of cans. So we’re able to switch in parts to be able to do 16oz cans. There’s a lot of flexibility within our system. You can absolutely expect us to play with formats. There will very likely be 16oz cans that come out in our future.
What’s your favorite part about coming to New York? 
What’s not to love about coming to New York City? It’s awesome to have the ability to come here. My business partner, Nikos, went to school at NYU down the street and he has family members that live here so he’s the one that usually gets to come to New York. It’s an extra special treat for me to get to be here. What I love about being in the city is the diversity of everything  - the food, the music, the neighborhoods. It’s been fun walking around the Williamsburg neighborhood with Nikos earlier this week and now, just cruising around Manhattan. There’s something about the city that brings out so much energy and fun. I just love the food and the people and wish I could come out here a lot more often.
What excites you about entering these cans into the New York market? 
Ninkasi Brewing is in Oregon, so we’re really blessed to be in an area where all the ingredients used for our beer are grown. We have hops that are grown in the Willamette Valley and also just north in the Yakima Valley. We have malts that are sourced in the Pacific Northwest, fresh sparkling water from the McKenzie River that’s been voted best drinking water in the United States multiple times. And we’ve put that all together to make special treats to send out here, it’s kind of our gift to everyone on the East Coast. We take the best of the West and send it this way. It’s awesome for us to get to share these beers with you and we hope we get to share some more soon!