Mighty Swell: A Retro Refreshment in This Modern City

We speak to Daniel Barnes and Sean Cusack of Mighty Swell about their inspiration behind the brand and their excitement to launch in the New York market. 
What was your inspiration behind Mighty Swell? 
SC: To deliver a refreshing, flavored, delectable ready-to-drink cocktail to consumers in a way that has never been done before while surprising with exceptional quality and flavor.
DB: To create a true-to-fruit canned wine spritzer. Something that could be enjoyed anytime, anywhere while keeping calories and sugar to a minimum but not sacrificing flavor.
(Sean) How did you end up reaching out to Clayton & Daniel? What was your thought process in contacting them specifically for this product? 
SC:  I spent a lot of time speaking to various beverage industry veterans with the goal of identifying someone who had a history of success in the industry and an obsession for detail and quality in creating a beverage that has never been done before.  Once I met Clayton and Daniel and felt their passion for the project the decision was very easy.  I was very fortunate to find two industry pros who have such a wonderful reputation and a drive to create something truly special.
(Daniel) What was your initial reaction upon hearing Sean’s idea? 
DB: Energy and excitement. But you often get that from any conversation with Sean, it’s just the type of person he is. However, I did see this as a genuinely unique opportunity. 
How is it working with three founders instead of one? Did you work well together from the start? How did your dynamic evolve over time? 
SC:  A really great experience, no doubt.  From the very beginning there was mutual respect and a true partnership.  Importantly, we all brought complementary skills and personalities and it just worked.  
DB: It has been awesome. First and foremost, we have fun while pushing each other and maintaining respect for each other’s voices. I couldn’t imagine two better people to be involved with. 
Why did you choose the name Mighty Swell? 
SC:  The name game proved to be a lot more challenging than any of us thought.  We had such high expectations to nail it that the process took a long time. We settled on "Swell" first as a retro name that really brought the product to life. "Mighty" came later as a way to really boldly fit in a way that made us feel proud.  
DB: Man, naming was not an easy task. But when we came across the combination of "Mighty Swell," it just kind of clicked for all us. Both as a way to describe the product and give it a hint of vintage coolness. 
Tell us about the unique fruit-based wine that makes Mighty Swell different and gluten free.
SC: This is a huge advantage for us that makes our product truly differentiated and unique.  We have the ability to create a very clean, crisp true to fruit flavor that other brands cannot accomplish with malt or sugar.
DB: In my opinion, it gives us a ridiculous edge over the competition. When you taste it versus a malt beverage base, it’s night and day in quality and purity. Sometimes, I think it is actually the ambrosia or nectar of the Gods the Greeks wrote about.  
What do you have planned for your introduction into the New York market and what excites you the most about bringing Mighty Swell to New York? 
SC: New York is an ideal setting for Mighty Swell and we could not be more excited about the opportunity.  Mighty Swell will fit perfectly with the unique personality of NYC and I can already see Mighty Swell at many of the amazing locations, sites and places that will soon be experiencing our fun and exciting brand.
DB: I believe New York is the perfect market to highlight the diverse applications for Mighty Swell. Be it poolside, at a concert, paired with good food or mixed into cocktails, Mighty Swell is always ready.