How Breweries Are Helping Out During Quarantine

Heart shaped hops

In light of the recent uncertainty due to COVID-19, it can be a little difficult these days to stay positive. However, even amid all the scary changes, incredible stories of companies supporting their communities shine through.


Breweries have been quickly shifting gears to support the new quarantine culture by offering to-go and delivery options to customers. Grimm Ales is selling to-go slim kegs to satisfy those who are looking to stock up. For retailers offering pick-up, they are doing their part to keep things sanitary. One Long Island beer and spirt shop, Monarch Beverage, posted a video of their store being sanitized from top to bottom to ensure everyone's safety. Or like local bar As Is, some are offering gift card options for customers unable to pick up products or for those who want to help support their staff. 


Another trend in the wake of COVID-19 has been the onslaught of breweries and spirits makers who have begun making hand sanitizer. With the national shortage of sanitizer, medical workers risk contamination daily. Brands like Cardinal SpiritsDogfish Head, Narragensett and Bronx Brewery have shifted a portion of their production to crafting medical-grade sanitizer for donation and sale to support the need.


There has also been a rise of collective efforts and collaborations designed to support those most greatly impacted by COVID-19. The 'All Together' worldwide beer project aims to specifically aid hospitality workers who have lost their jobs. Any brewery can participate and they receive an open-source beer recipe, can graphics and branding to use. On their website, the plea is simple: "We ask that a portion of the proceeds go to supporting hospitality professionals in your community. The rest should go to keeping you in business to weather this storm." Over 550 breweries have signed on so far.


These heartwarming stories remind us all that humanity is quite resilient in times of need, and that everyone (still) needs a beer.