COVID-19 Update: Gov. Cuomo Announces Revised Reopening Plan For NYC

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This week, New York City Governor, Andrew Cuomo announced a revised plan for the city's reopening. He laid out guidelines and restrictions that each region of the state must meet to be part of the four-phase rollout plan which begins on May 15th. 

"While we continue to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we can begin to focus on re-opening, but we have to be careful and use the information we've learned so we don't erase the strides we've already made," the Governor said at his Monday morning briefing. His detailed plan highlighted the key requirements each region must have to begin reopening, including:

  • A 14-day drop in hospitalizations, or fewer than 15 new admissions in a three-day rolling average

  • A 14-day decline in-hospital deaths, or fewer than five total deaths across a three-day rolling average

  • A rate of new hospitalizations below two per 100,000 residents, across a three-day rolling average

  • At least 30 percent of total hospital beds unoccupied

  • At least 30 percent of ICU hospital beds unoccupied

  • At least 30 tests for every 1,000 residents per month

  • At least 30 contact tracers retained per 100,000 residents

The Governor also presented a breakdown of the four phases which prioritize when industries can reopen. Restaurants, bars, and hotels are included in the third phase of the reopening plan. In the meantime, these businesses are able to continue offering delivery and pick-up of their goods to customers.

To read more about the reopening plan, visit Governor Cuomo's homepage. To learn more about what Union Beer Distributors are doing to protect our employees as well as our retailers and suppliers, see our company COVID-19 update.