Cinco de Mayo Drink Staples to Celebrate Your Way

Shots of tequila with salt rim, limes and tortilla chips

Spring rings in a jam-packed May, with plenty to celebrate. Not only do we once again have an excuse to say, "May the 4th be with you," but we get to honor Moms, and watch the weather turn warm and sunny.  Of course, May wouldn't be May without the festive celebrations of Cinco de Mayo. Every year it's a chance to honor a rich heritage and enjoy some delicious Mexican-style food and drinks. Here at Union Beer and Blueprint Spirits, we have an array of brands in our portfolio that offer fun ways to celebrate this colorful holiday. From choice tequilas to convenient canned cocktails - there's something for everyone.



Mix these up with your favorite margarita mix or straight with a fresh slice of lime. 



This 100% Blue Agave tequila is distilled to a drier profile for lighter cocktail sweetness, allowing for greater creative expressions by mixologists and bartenders. 



Ten-year-old, slowly ripened agaves are cooked for two days in traditional stone ovens to concentrate flavor, then double-distilled using a small-batch process. A paradigmatic expression of pure agave flavor. 



Mezcal Union Uno uses farm-grown Espadin agave and wild Cirial agave. This agave is cut and roasted for four days. The families that produce Union have several generations of experience as their main craft, and it shows.



Want the tasty drink, without the work? Here are a few festive drinks that did the work for you.


Reyes Y Cobardes

Choose between the Margarita or the Grapefruit Paloma - both bursting with citrus flavor and perfectly packaged for your enjoyment. 


Wandering Barman LA NIÑA Margarita

This perfect little cocktail features Marigold and Kaffir Lime bringing a botanical twist to this refined style of Margarita.



Do It Yourself

If you would rather be the captain of your own destiny, your best bet is the perfect Margarita mix. Add your own flavors and style and whatever tequila or mezcal tickles your fancy. Our pick is Zing Zang's classic Margarita Mix to get you started.