Bold Rock, the #1 Craft Cider Brand is Now Available in NYC




The story of Bold Rock Hard Cider starts with an unlikely partnership between two guys from different sides of the world. These two salt-of-the-earth characters – one a southern gentlemen, the other an affable bloke – founded Bold Rock in June of 2012. Since that time, it has become the nation’s largest independently-owned cider company.

To date, Bold Rock has won more than 100 awards. Their dedicated cider makers crush and craft locally picked apples to create a variety of crisp and refreshing hard cider styles. As more people continue to enjoy their freshly crafted cider, they are committed to preserving Bold Rock’s founding ideals: Real Apples. Real Craft. Real People. 

Also introducing Bold Rock's newest releases, Hard Tea and Hard Lemonade. These refreshing beverages are crafted with real ingredients like tea, a twist of lemon, and all are naturally sweetened to ensure every sip has the perfect sweet tea or lemonade taste.

Available Products:

  • Apple Cider 1/2 Barrels & 4/6 12oz Bottles
  • Pineapple Cider 1/2 Barrels & 4/6 12oz Bottles
  • White Cranberry Cider 4/6 12oz Bottles
  • The Crate Outdoors Variety Pack 2/12 12oz Cans
  • Bold Lemonade 4/6 12oz Bottles
  • Bolder Lemonade 6/4 16oz Cans
  • Original Tea 2/12 12oz Cans & 12-19.2oz Cans
  • Half & Half 2/12 12oz Cans & 12-19.2oz Cans