Cinco de Mayo Drink Staples to Celebrate Your Way

Shots of tequila with salt rim, limes and tortilla chips

Spring rings in a jam-packed May, with plenty to celebrate. Not only do we once again have an excuse to say, "May the 4th be with you," but we get to honor Moms, and watch the weather turn warm and sunny.  Of course, May wouldn't be May without the festive celebrations of Cinco de Mayo.

Homebound Happy Hours

Homebound Happy Hour

As quarantine and social distancing continues worldwid

6 Beer and Movie Pairings For the Home-Bound

Narragansett Lager and Robert Shaw from the movie Jaws

As quarantines continue, it can feel like a chore to be creative with our time these days. Our livingrooms now replace bars and theaters and our kitchens have replaced our favorite restaurants. One thing people are doing now more than ever is streaming movies.

Getting Creative Cooking With Beer

Food and beer on a wooden table

The past several months have felt bizarre as the entire world shifts into a state of seemingly permanent social distancing. Businesses have had to change their models overnight and most of us have settled into the new normal of being (mostly) homebound. It's the perfect time to get creative and try new things. It’s also a great time to revisit old favorites. 

Bon & Viv Classic: Why Unflavored is the New Flavor of the Week

Bon & Viv Classic is an unflavored hard seltzer that allows endless flexibility in its enjoyment

Partnership with Kills Boro Brewing Company

We are proud to announce our partnership with Kills Boro Brewing Company.


Dear customers,

We are so happy and proud to announce a new partnership with our dear friends from Staten Island, Kills Boro Brewing Company.

Pumpkin Beers & Ciders to Spice Up the Fall

The thought of summer coming to an end may seem like a huge buzzkill, but the dwindling days of sessionable summer brews is also a sign that the frenzy of a certain fall flavor will soon commence. The glorious season of hop harvests, fall festivals, and pumpkin-galore is creeping up quickly, so put down your citrusy IPAs and summer pale ales and get ready for the season of all-pumpkin-everything!

The Aftermath of Mad Science with Eric Bachli

Eric Bachli talks to us about his brewing philosophies and practices, which have launched a new era of innovation and mad science at Sixpoint Brewery. With his brewing acumen, Bachli has helped Sixpoint become a powerhouse in pushing boundaries, while keeping quality of the liquid of the utmost importance.